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Making Therapy Positive for Kids

Making Therapy Positive for Kids

with special guest Sara Brenner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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I came across the work of Sara Brenner, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, through A Kids Co. and then dove into her Instagram where she focuses on mental health for children, teens, ad their families. In celebration of her new book, A Kids Book About Therapy, I met with Sara for a special podcast episode. I’ve shared my experience with kids in therapy before and loved getting to dive deeper with an expert on the topic. We talked about how to help the children in our lives with their mental health needs and to how frame therapy as positive resource.

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A few tips Sara provides that I’ve found so helpful in this episode:

-Giving yourself (the adult) the proper language and mindset to support therapy for your child
-Empowering kids with their therapy
-Finding the right therapist for your child
-Understanding how therapy is beneficial for everyone
-Making therapy a positive experience for kids

You can follow Sara right here and get A Kids Book About Therapy right here.

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Crazy. Mad. Joy.
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