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Crazy. Mad. Joy. is my weekly newsletter—a mental health journal—of musings and other things in life that we all go through but often aren’t discussed.

As an Asian-American born in the late 70’s, I grew up in a time and culture where mental health was not part of any conversation. I learned much later in life how important it is for me (and for everyone) to have the tools to help us cope…with whatever life throws our way.

Through this newsletter, I’ll be sharing meaningful, funny, inspiring, poignant things that I have learned through my own mental health journey (with past or present therapists, life coaches, books that actually help, or on my own), and how I navigate it, fail at it, and laugh at it all as an entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, sister, and human. I talk about lots of things that suck—but don’t have to—if we know how to get through them together. I hope that the things I learn or share will help you in your marvelous journey on this earth, too.

Some of the most popular past episodes include:
Episode 5: Therapy vs. Life Coaching
Episode 13: The Cloud of Body Image
Episode 15: When Friends Break Up with You

Crazy. Mad. Joy. is a play on a play on words. We use the first two words in both positive way and negative ways. Yet, Joy only has one meaning, and it’s what we all ultimately strive for in our lives. We get through the crazy and the mad to—hopefully—find the joy.

About Me

I am Joy Cho, the Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!, a business I started over 18 years ago. I’ve written 7 books (3 for adults, 4 for kids), been on the cover of magazines, collaborated with some of the most amazing brands to create over 45 product lines, and have been a business coach to hundreds of small businesses all over the world. Oh, and I am somehow the most followed person on Pinterest. I have done this all while living with high-functioning anxiety and being a Highly Sensitive Person with SAD who has cried in the bathroom at work many, many times. You can still find all things Oh Joy! and all the cool stuff we’re doing in our usual places, but this is a different space where you’ll hear only from me as myself, not as a brand. It’s a part of me you may have seen a glimmer of, but now I’m here in my full, honest glory.

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Honestly, it give me stomachache to ask you to pay to read my content, but then I realize that people pay all the time to read my books, take my classes, and buy the products I’ve designed. For 17+ years, all of my online content has been free to my audience. So in an effort to put forth what I believe to be my value and contribution with this project, the paid subscription will give you full access here. This allows me the time to pour my heart into it and keep it ad and sponsor free for you! And, it’s been a featured publication on Substack!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro on how your brain works, a newbie who needs some pep talks, or someone who is scared shitless to ask for help, I am here to hold your hand and take the joyride along with you.

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Meaningful, funny, inspiring, poignant things I have conquered, failed, and learned in my own mental health journey to help you in your marvelous adventure on this earth, too.


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